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Craving to be Known

Sometimes I wonder if we have a need to be known, because we are made in the image of the Creator who wants to be known by us....And I think about all the people who are trying desperately to be KNOWN for something by someone.

Arrows of Accusations

Recently, I was talking to a well respected lady in my community. We were both laminating over how we had both, in different ways, been attacked by people. We both said, "Me, too," a lot as we shared our hearts about how it feels to be hunkered down behind a shield while arrows of lies were flung toward us full throttle. 

It can be a paralyzing, anxiety ridden day, month or season of life.

Beautiful Things Can Grow in the Dark

I have been a bit on the weepy side lately. Maybe it's because I am coming up on the one year anniversary of my Dad's death, maybe it's because my ten year old is getting closer to the teenager years with each passing day, or maybe it's because of all the new bouncing babies that are popping up continuously on my Facebook timeline. Yes, I am that girl that watches "A Baby Story," doesn't know the family but cries uncontrollably. Babies that are joining us on our earthly journey always get me right in the tear duct. 

She Looked Better Than Me in Her Bikini

I walked along the edges of the beach just enough for the water to tickle my toes when I spotted her. I was watching my own children splash in the waves. My eyes darted back to her as she elegantly walked into the water, not seeming to have a care in the world,  blond curls blowing in the wind.