Are You a Mom Believing a Lie?

I love when I receive a box in the mail with books inside for me to review. I was especially excited to unpack Lies Moms Believe and how the Gospel Refutes them by Rebekah Hargraves. I couldn't wait to see what scriptures she used to bring light to the dark lies I have believed during my own motherhood journey. I don't know a momma alive who hasn't dealt with some form of guilt when it comes to raising her babies. I also don't know a momma alive who hasn't battled with at least one, if not most, of the lies Rebekah covers in this page turner. 

Two Books Your Daughter Needs In Her Backpack {and a GIVEAWAY to get them}

I'm raising two boys. One is eleven and one is seven. The eleven year old is obsessed with medieval times and Scotland. He talks excitedly about owning his own kilt, suit coat, and bag pipes. He can't wait until he grows a full beard. His free spirit loves to draw and create stories. As he transitions into the teen years, changes are coming. Some are already evident. More experienced moms say, "Brace yourself. The season ahead is hard." 

I'm Going to give you a Bear Hug!

My youngest son turned seven on April 1st. I am trying to savor every moment of innocence he has left, and I find myself squeezing him a little harder each day as I watch him grow and change. Recently, he told me he has his first loose tooth, and I wanted to cry. I want him to grow up, obviously, but the realization I won't have a "baby" much longer has me emotional. Sniff. Sniff. 

Designed to Pray

Hey, friends. I am so excited and have to tell you about my latest devotional! I am absolutely loving "Designed to Pray." Prayer can be  about so much more than the spoken word. Prayer can happen through art, music and other forms of creative expression.

66 Ways God Loves You

Love is absolutely one of my favorite topics in this life. I want to make sure I show the love of Jesus to everyone I meet. When I was invited to read and review Jennifer Rothschild's new book, "66 Ways God Loves Me," I was very excited. I won't even lie.