66 Ways God Loves You

66 Ways God Loves You

Love is absolutely one of my favorite topics in this life. I want to make sure I show the love of Jesus to everyone I meet. When I was invited to read and review Jennifer Rothschild's new book, "66 Ways God Loves Me," I was very excited. I won't even lie. 

If you don't know Jennifer Rothschild, you should. She is an amazing storyteller who writes Biblical truths in an understandable and encouraging way.

One of the most interesting things about this author is, in the natural, she is completely blind, but, my friends, her vision of our Creator is crystal clear. She is a wonderful example of why it is so important to hide the word in our hearts. 

Jennifer Rothschild, Writer 

Jennifer Rothschild, Writer 

In "66 Ways God Loves Me," Jennifer eloquently walks us through each book of the Bible, all 66,  explaining the main story line and how God used the story to show His unconditional, unfathomable, unshakable, undeniable, agape love for us. 

The entire Bible, overall, is God's love letter to His people. Jennifer breaks this letter down in to manageable portions so it can be digested book by book. 

I know God is love. It is who He is, but the fact that He shows that love in each and every single book of the Bible is amazing. 

Here is an excerpt from the Table of Contents: 

In Exodus-- God Delivers Me from Slavery
In Joshua--God Gives Me a Divine Purpose
In I Kings--God Remains Faithful to Me
In Job--God Sustains Me in Suffering
In Hebrews--God invites Me to Come Boldly Before His Throne

And one of my favorites: In Revelations--God Receives Me as His Beloved and Treasured Bride. 

Jennifer's words are filled with truth and encouragement, and I found myself experiencing God's love in new ways as I soaked in His goodness. 

I am not a Bible scholar, but I do love the Word and study it daily. I sometimes still have a difficult time remembering what happened where, why and who all was involved. This book summarizes, in a succinct way, each book of the Bible outlining key points, places, and characters. 

If you like to encourage others, like I do, then I know you will use this book a lot as a reference for new believers or those who need love to come down and imprint upon their hearts to show them they are lovable, worthy, and God's most precious creation. 

After reading half of the book and loving it, my husband and I began to use it, book by book, in our nightly God time with our children. It's a wonderful way for the whole family to connect around the wonderful topic of love.

And not just any old, ordinary love...the love of Jesus, the King of all kings,  who bought us by paying the ultimate price. What a love story! It really is the greatest one every told. 

I highly recommend "66 Ways God Loves You" for:  

  1. Personal Devotional--set aside ten minutes to read and reflect on each "love letter." 
  2. Small Group Study
  3. Family Devotional between husband and wife
  4. Family Devotional with children
  5. Gift for anyone, especially a new believer who hasn't unearthed the love of Jesus

For more information on "66 Ways God Loves You" and writer, Jennifer Rothschild, please visit her site: http://www.jenniferrothschild.com/ | You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. 

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UPDATE: Amber Butte was the winner of "66 Ways God Loves You." Congratulations, Amber! 

Designed to Pray

Designed to Pray