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{Guest Post Alert} The Heart of Mother's Day

Do you believe that you are seen this week? We know it may not physically be seen by a mother or daughter but do you believe that God carries your heart close to his?

There are many women who carry around guilt or shame when it comes to their mother/daughter relationship and feel as though it can never be repaired. Maybe you are one of these women whose relationship is in an estranged or “walk on egg shells” place as we approach Mother’s Day. The heart of a day that celebrates moms when she is not close in your heart.

He Was Sleeping Outside My Door

I remember it like it was yesterday. My husband and I were expecting our first child. I was seven months pregnant and a total hormonal basket case. I stayed sick and exhausted for the duration of my pregnancy. Even though I was extremely OCD, I had let things go on the home front. I couldn't find the energy inside me to cook and clean like I did pre-pregnancy. And since I was growing another human being inside my body, I gave myself a pass.