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A Scam and a Prayer

Some of you know our business fell victim to a scam by a fake customer, "Sam Statler." We lost close to $14,000. Basically, a potential customer placed an order, and gave us a credit card which we processed. When the money from the credit card cleared our bank, we processed a wire transfer to a "freight forwarder" for the freight costs which is common place in our line of business as an importer. This practice is something we have done many times before without even a blink. 

Created for Pain: A Lie

I know I am not alone when I speak about hurt and pain. I know that everyone whom has lived on this earth for any length of time has had his/her fair share of suffering. There was a time in my life where the hurt seemed unbearable and permanent. I had been hurt to the core of my heart by someone I loved. Usually, those we love the most are the ones with the capability to hurt us the deepest. 

Usually, those that hurt us are dealing with their own hurt and pain. The hurt they cause isn't always intentional. It's a sign that their heart could be broken or unwell. 

All I knew to do was pray and read God's word. In the midst of my struggle, I was not immune to Satan's lies. I began to really process a lot of life's events and noticed a pattern of being hurt by those I loved the most. Loving people has always been easy for me, as well as loving deeply and with my whole heart.  

In a fleeting moment, Satan tried to tell me one of the biggest lies he has ever thrown at me, "You were created to be hurt."  What the what?