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Saved from Brokenness: Made Whole

My seven year old said he had something to show me. He was sitting at the table with a smooth, blank sheet of paper. He said, "See this paper. When someone says something hurtful to you," he bends the corner of the paper, "it looks like this. Crinkled."  He went on, his demeanor serious, instructional,  "And then the next person hurts you," he begins to wad up the paper, "and it does this to you." He repeated this several times until the paper was a legitimate ball of crinkled mess. 

Creativity and Feet

My oldest is very creative, but he wasn't feeling it lately. For three days, he would say to me, "I don't feel creative." It was making him sad.

We had a talk about our identity not coming from what we could do, and we talked about not letting our emotions control us. Feelings can't always be trusted. A hard lesson to learn for some.