I Refused to Believe His Lies

I Refused to Believe His Lies

"Then you will know the TRUTH, and the truth shall set you free." John 8:32

A little over a year ago, my marriage was attacked when we were least expecting it. Before I knew it, I felt like I was drowning in a sea of confusion. Every day was a gasp for air as I tried to sift through and separate the truth of God from the lies of the enemy. When we are weak and broken, it can be hard to decide what is true. It can feel impossible.

The enemy knows how to attack, and he strategically waits until we are tired, burned out, and weary to strike. 

My husband was not loving me quite like Christ loves the church, and I was not respecting Him as much as the Bible commands. We weren't being completely terrible to one another, but a lot of room for improvement was present. It was a vicious cycle in which we found ourselves stuck. We were both weary, in our own ways, from the way we were doing life. Both of us saying "yes" too much to too many people  leaving us, as a couple,  with not a lot left for one another.  

The scary part is, we didn't even realize what kind of condition we had let our marriage get in. If you would have asked me how my marriage was, I would have told you, "It's fine. We're good." 

But that's the problem. A "fine" marriage is the devil's playground. 

After feeling like our legs had been totally and unsuspectingly cut out from under us, we fought for restoration. We fought to understand one another. We fought to forgive. We fought to breath. 

It was hell on earth for me. No one cheated, but some events had taken place leaving us in a million pieces. I don't feel quite ready to share the details, and the details aren't important. What is important is that Satan was trying to destroy our family. He was trying to destroy my husband, and he was trying to destroy me. 

Does this sound familiar to anyone? 

After months and months of deep conversations, tears, and prayers, my husband and I were able to find our way back to one another. We were able to allow God to take what Satan meant for harm and use it for good. We felt stronger as a couple and stronger spiritually.

But you see, it doesn't end there. 

Satan continues to try to divide whenever he can. Sometimes, when I am alone, he tries to remind me of the past. I recognize his voice more now than I did in the beginning. He tries to get me to focus on it, dwell on it, and he tries to get me to allow the pain to resurface so that I feel it over and over again. 

He wants me broken and hurting. He wants me unable to focus on what God has given me. 

I have not always been strong. There were times that I would cave, be overcome with panic, and succumb to the lies. I would relive the pain all over again, and so would my husband. 

Thankfully, my husband was always there to pray me, to pray us, through it. 

But the last time the enemy attacked, I had had enough, and I had a revelation. 

I was home cleaning. The kids weren't home. My husband wasn't home. All alone,  I felt the attack coming on as the silence of the house seemed to scream. 

The little whispers began, "Hey, do you remember that time you were so hurt? Do you really believe your husband loves you like he says? Do you really think you are lovable? Don't you know how inadequate you are?" 

As the enemy tried to attack, knowing what would hurt for me to hear echoing in my mind, I spoke to him. I said, "Satan, you are lying to me. You want to destroy me, but I refuse to allow it. I choose to believe God's word and my husband's word over your lies. I call the darkness into the light, and I demand you leave in the name of Jesus." 

I then text my husband, "Please pray for me. I am being attacked today." He knew what that meant and immediately called me to pray with me over the phone as I explained to him, "I believe you over Satan, and I told him so." 

You see, we have the power through the Holy Spirit to bind Satan and send him packing. We have the power to tell him, "I believe God's word about me and my situation over yours. I am calling you out. You must flee!" 

I can't explain to you the peace I felt that day--calling darkness into the light. I didn't allow myself to spiral into the pit of despair. I refused to believe his lies...even for a second. 

If you are going through a painful journey, you may feel like hope is dead, but, through Jesus, hope is alive. You may feel like you will never get your life back...or you will never be able to move on, but you can. 

Whatever pain we have felt, Jesus has felt. He knows what it's like to be betrayed, to hurt, to bleed, to cry out in pain, to have a broken heart. And he is the soothing balm coming softly to repair, heal, comfort, forgive, and make new. There is no situation or circumstance too big for him to handle.

Your healing may lie on the other side of boldly telling the enemy, face to face, "I REFUSE to believe your lies." 

What are you waiting for? 

Father, we thank you for making all things new. We honor you as Lord and Creator. We thank you for making a way for us when there doesn't seem to be a way in sight. Thank you for being our strength when we are weak. We thank you for picking us up over and over again. We thank you for healing our broken hearts. We thank you for your truth and for revealing your truth to us. Father, I ask for direction and wisdom for anyone reading this. I ask you to pour yourself out and into their hearts. I pray they feel your love like never before. I pray for restoration, renewal, and healing. In Jesus' name. Amen. 

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