This Is My Story: Many Times I Was Protected

This Is My Story: Many Times I Was Protected


"But the LORD said to Samuel, "Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7

Recently, I was driving down the road talking to the Lord. I felt like maybe I didn't have a wonderful, heart wrenching testimony that would speak to others. I have never been addicted to drugs, raped, or sexually molested or in jail--THANK GOD! So I asked God, "What is my story?" He answered with, "All of those things could have happened to you," and I began thinking about a variety of things I have lived through in my life, and God was calmly reminding me of all the times He protected me from the plan of the enemy. There were times that flashed through my mind that I had forgotten about...times where really bad things could have happened to me, but they didn't.

I started to see God  in the details pushing back the enemy since the day I was born.  I see Him with me in my childhood during times that I was frightened. He kept me alive when I was dying at 18 months old. He kept me alive when a penny was trapped in my esophagus.  I know he protected me from instances where my childhood could have been taken away from me. I can see him protecting my heart when I was a kid experimenting with a Ouija board at a friend's house.

I can see Him keeping me safe at sixteen as I drove my car too fast or rode with a friend who did. He protected me when I wrecked my car. I can see Him protecting my heart from boys that were up to no good. I see Him holding me when my heart was breaking. I see Him holding me up when my Daddy had his car accident and then again when he passed away. I see His hand in and over my marriage. I remember His presence during two scary c-sections when my boys were born. I see Him in our family businesses working everything out for our good because we love Him. He is all over my story, and I see Him!

Immediately after having that revelation from the Lord, Big Daddy Weave's, "My Story," came on the radio. I cried like a baby.

There were times that I wasn't walking with Him, but He was walking with me.

I have not had a Pollyanna life. There are things that I have experienced that very few know about and some that are known, but even through the bad times, he covered me and protected me. Maybe one day, God will release me to tell ALL my story.

My life could have gone in so many different directions, but God was always there covering me with his wing. I believe the prayers of my Momma and Daddy were heard. I believe God has fought on my behalf since the day I was born.

God has always known the potential of my heart even when I was far from Him,  and that is where His grace and mercy comes in to play. He knew He could get me through those times and I would glorify His name and praise Him. He gave me a new persepctive on 1 Samuel 16:7 where the Lord told Samuel that he judges the heart and not the outward appearance.

I believe that God knows we are sometimes placed in hard circumstances. He is familiar with the sinful world in which we live, and that is why he judges our hearts and what they could be as opposed to what the outward eye sees.

And even though we don't have to and aren't capable of repaying God for his goodness by "deeds," I still can't help but believe I owe him nothing less than full on praise and worship! His protection then and now is overwhelming and humbling at the same time.

There are times that I feel like I shouldn't share his goodness with others for fear of people thinking I am a crazy nut job. It's natural to be concerned with what people will think or say about us. But in those moments I am reminded of all the times he carried me, protected me, and saved me.

I encourage you to begin making a record of all the times, He protected you, loved you, and showed grace and mercy to you.

I can almost hear Him assigning the angels charge over me and you. Isn't that exciting?  How can we keep from singing His praises?  If anyone should be ashamed, God should be ashamed of us, but He is SO not. He is proud of His children. He is worthy. He is good.  HE IS!

So there's my story, well part of it, and here is my song: 

Father, thank you for all of the times in my life that you have protected me from bad situations. Thank you for walking everything out with me and never leaving me along. Even during the hard times, the times of heartbreak, anxiety, fear and turmoil, you are there. Thank you for judging our hearts and not our outward appearances. Thank you for giving us favor and blessings that we don't deserve. Thank you for the opportunity to live in a land where your name is known. Help me to be a mouthpiece for you and spread the goodness of the name Jesus!

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